Thursday, March 5, 2015

February National Children's Dental Health Month

February was National Children's Dental Health Month and Dr. Kortam was very busy visiting schools in our community to teach kids about dental hygiene and the importance of it. We were welcomed with warmth and great big smiles and had a great time with every school.

Loudoun Coop School Visit

We loved returning to Loudoun Coop School and seeing the kids remembering Dr. Kortam! She was welcomed with beautiful small smiles. The students were curious to learn more information and were very intrigued by the dinosaur that Dr. Kortam uses to teach kids about brushing and flossing.
Providence Academy- So Cheerful!

Pictured below is Dr. Kortam at Providence Academy in Leesburg, VA. Providence students 
from KG to 8th grade, were full of energy and were gracious hosts. They asked lots of great questions and we were happy to be part of their learning day.

Harper Park Middle School

At Harper Park Middle School, Dr. Kortam presented to 6th & 8th graders. Many of them knew the importance of dental hygiene, but it is always a great reminder to discuss the correct ways to brush and floss.
Special Day At Creighton's Corner 

Creighton's Corner Elementary School's dental hygiene presentation was very special to Dr. Kortam's triplets and eldest son, as they attend the school. Her triplets were very excited to see their mother present about dental hygiene month. The students were wonderful and very welcoming. It was Dr. Seuss' week and lots of students and teachers were dressed in his honor, we had a blast!

Big Crowd at Discovery!

At Discovery Elementary School, we had a full house! It was really nice to see almost 400 students excited to learn about dental hygiene. At such young age, these students knew some of the hard questions asked. We were very impressed. Great questions and stories were a theme among the wonderful students!

February 2015

                    Patient Feature of the Month: Meet Ingrid Roberts, age 13
While there are many traits that make Ingrid a typical teenager who likes to shop with her sister and hang out at the beach, she is also managing a budding musical career with her family. We are so proud of her early success and pretty sure you'll enjoy learning about her band, Queens Over Kings, in the article below. Make sure you check out their website also -

AO - Fill us in on all this talk of you and your band performing live in front of large audiences and possibly securing record deals in the future.

Ingrid - It's pretty cool and very exciting. Yeah, our band is receiving a lot of attention regionally. We play summer festivals and weddings all up and down the east coast and are planning to play for beach parties sponsored through Carnival Cruises in Cozumel and the Grand Caymans in October. We also have an opportunity to travel to Hollywood and meet with Chrysalis and Disney Records to audition for a potential record deal.

AO - How fun is that - Congratulations! What instruments do you specifically play?
Ingrid - I play keyboards, drums, clarinet, and lead vocals on some songs.

AO - Tell us more about the band. How did you get started?

Ingrid - The band name is Queens Over Kings and we formed in 2009. I am in the band with my four siblings and we range in ages from 11-25.

AO - What kind of music do you all play? Any favs you like most to perform?
Ingrid - We play covers of The Beatles and No Doubt and several others. We also write our own original music! I really like to play re-imagined Disney favorites. 

AO - Ok, so when you aren't leading the life of a young pop star, what are you doing? What are your favorite subjects at school? Any thought to what career, other than music, you'd like to pursue?

Ingrid - I go to Farmwell Station Middle and I really like math. I am also a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. And I think I'd like to be a forensic pathologist as a career. But music will always be important to me. And a long term goal linked to that would be to get a record deal. Maybe in 2015!

AO - The last question that I ask everyone is what you like most about Ashburn Orthodontics?

Ingrid - I love how special I am treated here. I love that I can pick different colors for my bands each visit. And I love the happy and upbeat atmosphere in the office.

We would like to wish Ingrid, the entire Roberts family and band a busy and fantastic summer, with all the touring. And we'll be following the band for that record deal on the horizon. We hope that when Ingrid is accepting her Grammy award, she remembers her friends at Ashburn Orthodontics!