Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer 2015

                                             Summer 2015

 Patient Feature of the Month: Troy Sweeney, 19 years old     
Troy is one of our wonderful patients who is a student and an Invisalign patient. He shares his love for soccer and how he balanced school life and his social life. 

AO: What college do you attend? Do you have a major and if so what is it? 

Troy: UVA, commerce- its broad and general in the business majors. I can go in different sections of business. In the future I'd like to become a professor and teach. 

AO: What are the challenges you faced the first year of college?

Troy: Managing sleep, social life, and homework. I trained my body for less sleep. It wasn't hard to transition from home to college. I was ready to become independent and use my freedom. 

AO: You play soccer, tell us about it. Why do you like it and do you play in college?

Troy: Yes I played for Duquesne University, and I like it because its relaxed and fun. Soccer actually kept me on schedule and helped me out in college. 

AO: Did playing soccer help you with getting into college? If not, what helped you the most? What's your favorite national team ?

Troy: Yes, but academically it didn't. I like soccer because it's not so structured. Soccer lets you play and let you think how you want to play. My favorite international team is Netherlands/Holland. 

AO: How was your Invisalign treatment here? 

Troy: Invisalign was easy, I was worried about losing the aligners but I never did. It was hard in college because of my class schedule but got easier with time. Invisalign is a lot better than braces and only three people noticed it. 

 AO: What do you like about Ashburn Orthodontics and Dr. Kortam?

Troy: I love everything about Ashburn Orthodontics, but what I like most is how uplifting and kind the staff is. They make the experience much more enjoyable.

AO: Any word of advice to our readers?

Troy: No matter how tired you are, get up and go take care of your teeth because you'll regret it if you don't. 

Thank you, Troy for taking the time and sharing with us your transition to adulthood. We wish you the absolute best in college and hope you'll always play soccer!


We sprung into Spring with wonderful news and events. Fresh air and sunlight makes it all the better!

Belmont Station E. S. Boosterthon Event

Belmont Station kicked off May with its annual Boosterthon Fun Run. We're proud sponsors of the run. Boosterthon provides a "healthy alternative to sales-driven funds" and they partnered with B.S. for their annual run. We are always happy to sponsor for our community- seeing the kids having a smile on their faces and doing something good for themselves and their school. If you want your event to be sponsored by us- contact us!



Giving back to our community- at Eagle Ridge Middle School

As part of our community outreach we joined Diane Green, VP of Fundraisers for Eagle Ridge for a special event coming up in August. Kirk Martin of Celebrate Calm is coming in for a two day event for all Northern Virginia parents and teachers hosted by Eagle Ridge. Martin is a world-renowned educational organizer and has presented to over 400,000 people in 1,200 shops all over. We are very excited to have provided this opportunity to our community.


Martin will have a special session for parents, a workshop on how to transition your relationship as your child transition into adulthood. He will also have a teacher workshop seminar where he will coach teachers on how to come as one in the school and become confident teachers and leaders. The event is open to all residents and parents of NoVA. We are very excited to see what we will all learn from this event and how the kids will benefit from our school community becoming united and stronger. 

Friday, August 21st:

Teacher Training- Daytime
Parent Workshop: 7pm-9pm

Link below will give you more information on Kirk Martin and Celebrate Calm. We hope you can join us all. Parents love the event because of the insightful information that will be shared. We are very excited to sponsor the event for Eagle Ridge and the community of Ashburn.

Keeping your face and mouth SAFE!

April was National Facial Protection Month. Kids who are active in sports and activities require a mouthguard to save their face and teeth. In 2014 we were happy to provide the Loudoun Country Rugby Team's mouthguard for free. 

And as part of our continued efforts for the community we'd like to host a "Free Mouthguard Day". Any child who would like a customized mouthguard will be able to make an appointment for a free mouthguard on July 22, 2015 from 11am-3pm.