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March 2015

March 2015

Patient Feature of the Month: Meet Rmaah Memon, 19 years old

At a very young age Rmaah has entered a world of medicine. Learning from her family and finding what her passion is- she set sail to Missouri, Kansas to pursue a medical degree. Giving our readers an advice worth following!

AO:   Rmaah, please share with us where you go to school and what your day is like?

Rmaah:   I attend medical school at the University of  Missouri Kansas City.  I have classes from the afternoon until late evening. Work life balance is a bit tough, but during the weekend I try to study as much as I can and hang out with friends in the city.

AO:   Why did you pursue medical school? Are you planning on being a doctor?

Rmaah:   I've always wanted to help people. I come from an extensive background, one of my brothers is a doctor, the other one is an attorney and my father has his Ph.D. I've always liked science and felt that I wanted to help people. I even took different classes, such as politics, but I believe it's "my calling"

AO:   What about medical school do you love or dislike?

Rmaah:   My school consists of a 6-year program where they combine a bachelor's degree with medical school and they do not require MCAT scores. This saves time, because you get to be finished earlier by combining the two.

AO:    How has your Invisalign treatment been and your experience been with us?

Rmaah:     Invisalign went well, it got a bit harder in college but easier with time and routine. I like that it's better than braces. I feel Dr. Kortam has a friendly personality and really cares for her patients.

AO:   Any word of wisdom you could give our readers?

Rmaah:     An advice I can give to people is "whatever your dream is...whatever your passion is- work hard and you'll get there"

We wish Rmaah a successful semester and many more to come. We hope she will practice in the area and care for our  loved ones and our community. Best of luck!!!


March continued with Dental Hygiene Month and Dr. Kortam visited more schools to discuss the importance of dental hygiene.

Trailside Middle School

In 2014 we sponsored Trailside Middle School's student t-shirts and the kids were so thrilled to have their logo proudly displayed. When we returned for Dental Hygiene Month, they welcomed us with great big smiles.

Keeping the excitement going!

We decided to give a quick and short quiz after the presentation at Trailside and one lucky winner got an iPad mini as a prize. Pictured on the right is VP Mr. Hanselman, Principal Mrs. Beichler, iPad winner Mackenzie, Dr. Kortam, and Nima. Congrats, Mackenzie- we hope you enjoy!

Celebrating our patients!

It was Charlie's birthday in February and like we always do, we pick a random birthday boy/girl and we celebrate in whichever way we can. We decided to surprise Charlie at Virginia Academy. Individual wrapped cupcakes with Charlie's face! We had a great time!

VEX Robotics
We love our community and will do our best to always support it. So when Mr. Kaylor of Stone Hill contacted our office to sponsor their scrimmage with a raffle item we were thrilled to do so. Our donation raised enough funds to purchase a practice field! Good luck Stone Hill Robotics Team, we wish you lots of success!


More News!
Our office contest is still going on. Go to our facebook page at to find out how to win. We also have it listed on our instagram, follow us @ashburnorthodontics. Happy Spring!

Dear Patients,
We are so excited to be able to keep you updated on all our patient and community happenings with our new and improved monthly newsletter! Is there an event in your neighborhood, school, workplace, church, where we might be a good fit? Any opportunities for community sponsorships? Please let us know.
In addition, any news in your family you'd like to share? We're happy to include here. Look forward to your feedback!

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