Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fall 2015 Newsletter

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Fall 2015

Patient Feature of the Month: Georgia Mackenzie

AO: Tell us about a typical day for you?

Georgia: I go to school at Heritage High School, I'm a Senior.  I don't work because I stay busy with school and Cross Country track after school.

AO: What do you plan on majoring in and at what school?

Georgia:  Engineering or Biology.  I really want to go to UVA

AO: What is your favorite subject in school right now?

Georgia:  ART!  I get very excited about going to Art class, there are so many talented students and I love seeing all the things that the other students can do.

AO: Do you have any hobbies that you enjoy participating in?

Georgia:  I enjoy art and cross country track.  I've been on the track team at school for four years now.  I also like vacationing at my grandparents house in Spain.

AO: What's a fun fact we can share with our readers about you?

Georgia:  I had a pet Guinea Pig named Snow Drop

 AO: What do you like most about Ashburn Orthodontics and Dr. Kortam?

Georgia:  Everyone is always so smiley, I always seem to come in with a bad mood and everyone always makes me happy BUT I do not miss my braces (Georgia is now in retention).

Georgia is an extremely talented artist, we adore her and the amazing art that she produces.  Please check out her beautiful artwork on her website at

It's time for our next Super Fun Contest!  Read below for all the details...


Ashburn Orthodontics is a proud sponsor at many of our local schools!  You can find our logo in many places throughout Ashburn.  For our November and December 2015 contest, you will find our Ashburn Orthodontics logo, take a selfie with it, post it to the Ashburn Orthodontics FaceBook and/or Instagram page, have your friends post comments.  The selfie with the most comments will win an Apple iWatch!
Be sure to Tag Yourself so your friends and family can see your post and comment!


Ashburn Orthodontics is committed to giving back to our community and we will continue to be involved in our local schools throughout this year.  If you know of any events that Ashburn Orthodontics and Dr. Kortam can become involved in, please let us know!

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